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FlowTech has over eighteen hundred Non-pressure Fuel Overfill Prevention Systems installed on a variety of equipment throughout Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Texas & Canada. We have also constructed over twenty-five custom Mobile Fuel Depots and permanent fuel facilities for customers in Arizona and the Powder River Basin of Wyoming including the two largest surface coal mines in the world.

Customer Feedback

"FlowTech provided phenomenal customer service during and after the installation of their fueling systems on our entire fleet!"
"FlowTech knows fuel!"
"FlowTech did a great job with the design, construction and implementation of four Mobile Fueling Depots for Caballo mine."
"In the first year after installing the Non-pressure Overfill Preventions System, we saved approximately 100,000 gallons of fuel that used to hit the ground."
"We have FlowTech install the Non-pressure Overflow Protection System on all our equipment. It's a must have!"
"Thanks for the fast and safe installation of our FlowTech Fuel Systems. We really appreciated your professional and friendly service. The fuel systems are working great!"
"Your 500 gpm, 3 micron filters are working well for us. They have brought our particle count down 1 or two ISO codes."
"Thanks to FlowTech we are now able to refuel ten CAT 793 haul trucks in 15 minutes!"
"It took us 10 years to find a fuel nozzle that the fuelers like and that doesn’t leak! The FloMax fuel nozzles are working excellent."
"Switching to the FloMax flush face fluid connectors has really cleaned up our lube dispensing facilities."
"The return on investment of our two FlowTech Fuel Docks was less than six months."

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